Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's NYC SS2011 Fashion Week!!

I'm baaaaaack. I know it's been ages since I last posted, but to be honest, I felt so ashamed of neglecting my site after I had started working full time again that I needed to go to blogger rehab.

But here I am 1 year later...My life is certainly different now - I'm working a 9-6pm job 5 days a week & still trying to maintain friendships and a social life after work. I didn't realize how zapped I'd feel after working 9-10 hr days (just because my hours are 9-6 doesn't mean I don't work free overtime). I often long for the old days of my fashionista ways i.e. running around the city day & night visiting showrooms, meeting designers, and eco-fashionistas like yourselves! It'd be nice to have my cake & eat it too, but let's be realistic, life doesn't really work like that...a girl's gotta pay her bills.

Don't be fooled however to think that I've been completely M.I.A. I'll definitely be out this week and next for the Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week here in NYC.

There are plenty of shows to attend, and even a few back stage appearances at the Metropolitan Pavilion next week for the Samantha Pleet show. I'll be getting the behind the scenes exclusive during the pre-show hairstyling sponsored by Amika. Celebrity and fashion stylist Michael DueƱas will be heading up the team, using Amika ceramic and tourmaline curlers and stylers as well as the Obliphica product line made from the magical healing fruit of the Sea Buckthorn!

All I can say is stay tuned...(and keep an eye out for me this week!)




  1. Welcome back. I love FW.


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