Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bamboo Warriors– Finding the Ultimate Active Apparel

Allow your body to breathe and bend with ease as you hike to the top of the Hollywood Hills or strike a Warrior II Pose… Green Apple’s organic active apparel was designed specifically to handle all the adventures of your active lifestyle.

This apple’s seedling sprouted when veteran athletic designer Cristofer Smith developed the first certified organic bamboo and cotton active apparel. After many travels and extensive research, Cristofer determined that bamboo mixed with organic cotton was the most viable textile to mimic the abilities of petrol-chemical textiles (“THE BAD GUYS” - nylon & poly) most commonly used in athletic apparel.

Not only does the soft, silky feel of Green Apple hugging your body feel luxurious, but the organic bamboo fiber has a natural anti-bacterial deodorization effect too (known as “Bamboo Kun”)! Therefore, there’s no need to fret about breaking a sweat because bamboo will battle it all.

Bamboo is the ultimate tropical grass samurai…

Along with its powers to fight odor causing bacterium,
these fibers naturally block 98% of all harmful UVA rays, and have a unique cross section of micro gaps and micro holes that enable breathability & thermal control.

Green Apple has been a pioneer in organic active wear and strives to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of their business. They were the first apparel company to use 100% bio mass, bio degradable plastic for packaging & shipping. Plus, all branding is done on recycled papers, natural pulp fibers, and leftover organic fabrics.

I love wearing my Green Apple yoga pants to the gym or just lounging around in my apartment. It’s time for everyone to be as comfortable as me! Visit to see the new Spring ’09 collection & much more. Men’s active apparel is on the way soon too.

If you ask me, there’s no tartness in this Green Apple!

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