Friday, January 30, 2009

The Queen & Her Bag

As a little child you may have dreamed of being a princess, but why be second to the queen when you can be a queen?! Evelina, eco-luxury designer extraordinaire, has made this dream possible with the introduction of her Vegan Queen handbags. This multi-faceted artist, who’s worked with fashion legends such as Karl Lagerfeld, is on a mission to prove that we can all be royalty & enjoy luxurious, sustainable styles.

Born from the need to satisfy eco-fashionistas’ demands for high-quality, stylish handbags, Vegan Queen has quickly conquered the accessories' throne. Everyone is scrambling to get their hands on these fabulous eco- bags. Crafted from the finest sustainable materials, Vegan Queen promotes a socially conscious lifestyle that doesn’t sacrifice our environment. It’s no wonder why celebrities like Madonna, Heidi Klum, and Natalie Portman are going gaga for the Queen!

Vegan Queen’s dynamic designs are a result of combining masculine silhouettes with feminine details. Developed to the highest ecological standards, Vegan Queen only uses natural, non-toxic, and recycled materials. These beautifully embossed handbags are made from Vegetal “leather,” a cotton-based fabric that’s rubberized with natural latex extracted from wild rubber trees in the Amazon Rainforest. Peak inside and you’ll discover a soft interior lining of 100% organic cotton terry. Adorning the outside is nickel-free antique brass-finish hard ware and her trademark recycled crest medallion.

Vegan Queen is committed to preserving natural resources and helping to reduce harmful pollutants. Therefore, all shipping materials used are 100% carbon offsetting. Head to Vegan Queen’s online boutique now and crown yourself Queen! I guarantee you won’t be able to resist the new City Bag (left) or Eco IT Bag (right).

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  1. I DO like their bags @ well!

    Another great vegan site for handbags, as well as boots,shoes and accessories is