Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Light up Valentine’s with Dirt Candles

Valentine’s Day is only a month away so it’s time to start planning your sexy and sensual night! Nothing is more beautiful than being in a softly lit room filled with flickering Dirt candles. Cultivated here in the USA, Dirt candles are composed of GMO-free* organic soy wax, essential oils, botanical ingredients, and all-natural cotton wicks. These all natural candles are fully biodegradable, soot-less, and never tested on animals.

The air is filled with love on Valentine’s Day so why not add a few blissful scents to accompany it? Dirt has a wide variety of fragrances to choose from (25 to be exact). Let your flame catch you lighting “Love Machine” or “Heart Breaker” and things are bound to heat up in the bedroom! The irresistible blend of ingredients such as jasmine, azalea, rose, vanilla and woods will have you floating in ecstasy.

Don’t worry about these candles fading quickly either. Dirt 10oz candles have a burn time of approximately 60+ hours and even their cousin the mini .5oz tealight will burn 6+ hours.

All of Dirt’s packaging - the post consumer boxes, lids, glasses and plastic are recyclable. Plus, a portion of proceeds from every candle sold goes to charity. There’s no price tag on love and even if there was, these candles are worth every cent.

Go to http://www.dirtcandles.com/ and pick your sexy sustainable scents now!

P.S. – Make sure you read Dirt's tips on how to get the maximum enjoyment from these candles by burning them properly. Yes, there is a correct way to cut wicks and burn candles.

*genetically modified organisms

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