Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pretty & Perky with Style

I know I promised to add some delicious short-cuts for the jet setters, but this new discovery was too sexy to wait!

Have you ever noticed how sexy and amazing you feel when you’re wearing beautiful lingerie? You unknowingly exude confidence regardless of how many layers of clothing you have on. Lingerie is the base of a woman’s outfit. It’s the clothing equivalent of the foundation we put on our faces every day. I think all women will agree that finding well-fitted lingerie is very difficult, so you can imagine how incredibly hard it is to find stylish, high quality lingerie made from sustainable fabrics.

Cry no more! I have FINALLY found stylish, sustainable lingerie for all women who desire to look & feel sexy. Belabumbum is the answer. Pronounced as Bellaboomboom – Portuguese for “beautiful bottom,” this lingerie collection holds the key to making your curves look lushes in all the right places. Belabumbum specializes in lingerie, lounge wear and maternity lingerie. These flirty designs originated in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and have quickly become the rage among Hollywood’s elite. A-List celebrities like Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan are all slipping their bottoms into Belabumbum.

In addition to using innovative fabrics such as bamboo, Belabumbum focuses on a number of environmental and social issues. Co-owners, Heidi Rauch and Alyssa Weiss, believe that creating jobs is the only way to fight poverty and improve people’s quality of life. Factory employees are respected and provided with a safe working environment. Plus materials used are recycled.

Belabumbum can be found internationally and in fine boutiques and department stores throughout the US. You can also check out their affordable collection online at There you’ll see one of my favorite styles -- the Cotton Candy underwire bra & hipster panty. This girlie combo reminds me of spring and warmer weather, exactly what I’m craving. Now that the foundation is set, all we need are some cute clothes & accessories to wear!

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