Friday, February 27, 2009

Finger Lickin’ Good Anti-aging Facial Scrub

Never in my life have I encountered such pleasure from washing my face as I do now. Showering has taken on an entirely new meaning ever since I received my cobalt blue jar of BRYCE Pomegranate Facial Scrub. I no longer see scrubbing myself clean as just a necessary hygiene routine. Instead, it’s become a deliciously sweet cleansing experience. Why & how you ask? Because I can’t stop licking the sugary fruit facial scrub from my fingers! It’s perfectly safe to do so too. BRYCE’s organic anti-aging face scrubs are made from 100% certified organic ingredients (view ingredients). Mmmm my face scrub tastes like dessert. How many people can say that about their scrubs?!

BRYCE’s award winning Pomegranate Facial Scrub is a beauty staple in my bathroom, but I’m sure my crowded kitchen shelves would be happy to make space for it. Founder & CEO of BRYCE, Adrian Bryce Diorio, never skimps on his products’ ingredients. In addition to using extracts, BRYCE actually uses one half to one whole organic fruit including seeds, shavings or zest!

I may not be privy to BRYCE’s trademark secret that makes them truly unique, but I don’t care. I’m still reaping all of the benefits their innovative products provide. For instance, the gentle pomegranate exfoliant never clogs my pores, and always leaves my skin feeling refreshed and nourished. I’ve become an avid user of the scrub, yet I’m still blown away by the results every time I use it. The powerful antioxidants in BRYCE’s pomegranate formula fight free radicals and stimulate the production of collagen. (FYI – the breakdown of collagen is what causes wrinkles). My face is super hydrated and left looking naturally bright! At first I was concerned that I hadn’t washed all of the scrub off. Then, I realized nothing was wrong with my washing technique…I had just become too accustomed to stripping moisture from my skin with harsh cleansers. Those dry, flaky days are over now that I have BRYCE. Other perks I enjoy include a balanced complexion and the appearance of smaller pores.

Who knew washing your face could feel and taste so great?!

Oh and believe me, I’m not the first to notice how great BRYCE’s organic beauty products are. BRYCE has received numerous accolades from notable sources such as Vogue, Yoga, Green Living, Skin Inc., and Natural Health.

Shop the BRYCE collection now online (click here for store locations) and see their entire line of amazing beauty products. I think I need to have a chat with Adrian about teaming up for another eco-fashion trunk show. How fun does that sound?! Eco-fashion and organic beauty intermixed!

* B R Y C E™ products' are synthetic-free, hypoallergenic and non-irritating
* B R Y C E™ uses minimal packaging made from post-consumer recycled boxes and packing materials
* B R Y C E™ supports the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
* B R Y C E™ uses all natural lighting in their storage and office facilities
* B R Y C E™ does not promote, nor test on animals

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