Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Message to my West Coast Eco-Fashion Lovers:

Please don’t be jealous that NYC Fashion Week has exploded into high gear this week. I realize that it’s the ultimate week for fashion lovers, but don’t worry… L.A.’s Fashion Week is coming to you in March. In the meantime, I want to spread my V-Day love with the gift of knowledge. Through my eagerness to discover unique and fabulous sustainable styles, I discovered a pot of gold on the West Coast (L.A. to be exact) that everyone should know about! It’s called Avita Co-Op, and it’s filled with sexy sustainable style.

Rated by Los Angeles Magazine as 2008’s “Best Eco Boutique,” this is the shop to hit for the hottest designs from both established and emerging eco brands. What’s great about Avita Co-Op is their dedication to bringing you the best. Each eco brand and piece carried in the store is hand selected by the owner, Amanda Shi. She’s a designer herself, so her eye for style is 20/20 – crystal clear. Open the door to this treasure chest and you’ll find eco-friendly gems everywhere, ranging from beauty & apparel to home décor products.

Check out to shop the latest fashions or just cruise over to 8213 W. 3rd St. in West Hollywood and have a shopping heyday! Trust me, these fashion forward designs won’t disappoint.

Scroll down to the bottom to see some great store footage and hear more about Avita Co-Op's mission.

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