Monday, February 9, 2009

Men's Natural Skin Care - An Invigorating Valentine's Gift

I can think of several dirty ways a woman can wake up her man on Valentine’s morning, but why not try something a little cleaner? Give the gift that buzzes - Burt’s Bees Natural Body Wash. Help your hard-working man revitalize his body as he washes away dirt and odor.

Sexy Showering “How To” Tip:

1) Apply a small amount of Burt’s Bees Natural Body Wash to a loofah or your hands and lather generously.

2) Rub the foamy suds all over his body from head to toe. You want him smelling irresistible, right? Don’t forget to scrub his feet then!

3) Pause. Take a minute to both breathe in the stimulating aroma of citrus, cypress & fir oils. The smell will be intoxicating.

4) Rinse then towel dry.

After this shower, your man’s body will feel intensely clean, but I guarantee his mind won’t. ;-)

Did You Know?

Did you know that 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies? That’s scary! Imagine the potentially harmful toxins that have seeped into our pores. Why risk using synthetic products when there are better, natural alternatives?

It’s NOT Halloween so DON’T be Tricked by the Word “Natural!”

Consumers beware. A natural ingredient does not equal a natural product. Just because a product claims to be “all natural” or “100% natural” doesn’t mean that it is. Even certified “organic” products are only required to use 70% organic materials and the rest can be anything else. Eeks… It’s important to read labels. Don’t be tricked by marketing ploys. Be leery of official sounding words & fancy “endorsed seals” on product packaging.

What to Really Look For in a Natural Product:

Burt’s Bees, along with other leading Natural Personal Care companies, developed a set of guidelines (The Natural Standard for Personal Care Products) that dictates which ingredients can and cannot be considered natural. Companies must meet the following four criteria before receiving the Natural Seal:
  • Natural: A product labeled “natural” should be made up of natural ingredients and be manufactured with appropriate processes to maintain ingredient purity.

  • Safety: A product labeled “natural” should avoid any ingredient that research shows may have a suspected human health risk.

  • Responsibility: A product labeled “natural” should use no animal testing in its development

  • Sustainability: A product labeled “natural” should use (bio)degradable ingredients and the most environmentally sensitive packaging.

Learn more about Burt’s Bees and their mission to ensure The Greater Good for All. You’ll quickly understand why these natural products are highly acclaimed.

The clock is ticking, and Valentine’s Day is near! So run over to your local grocery store or CVS after work today and pick up a bottle of this invigorating body wash! You shouldn’t have any problems finding Burt’s Bees either considering it’s carried in nearly 30,000 retail outlets.

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