Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother’s Day Delight – a Splendid Organic Spa Day

Some people think that gifts should be tangible, something that can be held on to for a long time, a keepsake to lend as a reminder of a special event or occasion. As you know, I’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift for my mother. I saw some novel gifts at UncommonGoods, but I didn’t think they’d represent my love enough. That’s when it dawned on me. Sometimes the most significant and memorable gift aren’t tangible at all…they’re emotional experiences. The answer is simple. I’ve been so distracted with thinking I need to buy my mom a gadget or decoration, but really what she’d appreciate most would is an experience. What’s one of the experiences she’d love the most? A spa day. Fortunately for me, I know right where to send her… across the river to Salon Organic. I recently had the most amazing Dr. Hauschka facial there and I know my mom would love it too!

Last week I took a scenic, 20-minute train ride to beautiful Montclair, NJ to meet with Salon Organic’s owner, Anne Hall, to discuss the opening of her new salon (it opened in Nov. 2008), and experience one of her salon’s specialties – a facial. From the moment I stepped through the door of Anne’s charming, intimate salon, I felt relaxed and at ease. The soft lighting and colorful walls created a warm and inviting ambience. The positive energy I felt from being in Anne’s presence made me comfortable and excited.

Prior to my spa session, Anne sat me down for a brief consultation. She inquired about my daily skincare regimen and lifestyle. She said having insight into my lifestyle habits would help her make an educated decision about the services that would suit me best. I described to her that I’m out at events often, I touch my face frequently, especially if I’m perspiring, and I occasionally neglect to wash my makeup off before bed. Anne, a certified Dr. Hauschka esthetician, quickly determined that a deep cleansing facial would benefit me the most.

With that said, Anne closed the salon for our private session (she currently works alone which means you get 100% of her focus), turned on soft melodic music, and began prepping for the hour and a half facial I was about to receive. As she prepared, I slipped into an adorable organic cotton strapless robe dress and soaked my swollen feet in a warm sage footbath. The purpose of the sage footbath is to draw energy and stress away from my head so the skin is relaxed and prepared for the cleansing aromatherapy compresses. Anne spoke quietly with me about the various cleansing methods that she’d be using and how they differ from most other facials. She advised that she wouldn’t be painfully digging or squeezing; she’d be using various colored mood enhancing lights as the session progressed; and told how her hand and brush movements would stimulate and encourage my lymph system’s detoxifying functions. I learned that Dr. Hauschka’s skincare treatment takes a holistic approach. The focus is on creating a rhythmic harmony with our environment and our individual bodies, thus bringing balance into our lives and purifying our bodies.

I was intent on enjoying the full experience of getting a premium facial so I focused on my breathing and releasing my tension. I allowed my stresses to be washed away as Anne steamed and exfoliated my face. The warm and cold compresses combined with her press & roll hand movements was therapeutic. The process was so peaceful that my body felt like a heap of lead and I soon dozed off. When I woke, I was slow to move but I felt that my movements were more fluid. I looked in the mirror and saw my radiant complexion. My skin felt supple and rejuvenated.

The 1-on-1 experience at Organic Salon is a memory I won’t forget. I can’t begin to describe how refreshing it was to be away from the city and the masses of people. It was only me and Anne, and she was able to focus all her attention on me. I know without a doubt that my mother would love this experience as much as I did. Maybe I’ll even upgrade her to the two hour “Classic Treatment” facial that also includes a foot and leg massage!

Take it from me; Organic Salon is DEFINITELY worth the short trip to Montclair, NJ. Call or email Anne today & schedule your appointment! 973-783-1783 or
Stay tuned to hear about all the Dr. Hauschka products she sent me home with too! Happy Mother's Day!!!


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