Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Toxic Free Nail Color - Primping for Spring

Is everyone as excited as me about the warmer weather we’ve been having?! I bet you’ve already been prancing around town in your peak-a-boo toed heels & gladiator sandals... Doesn’t it feel great to not have your feet jammed & crammed in tight heels anymore?! Finally, your tootsies have a chance to breathe & see sunlight. But wait! There’s one question I must ask… Are your toes painted & ready to be exposed?

Let’s be honest, feet aren’t the most attractive body part we’ve got (you’ll probably disagree with me if you have a foot fetish), but there are ways to significantly improve their appearance. The #1 solution is to pick out a fun & flirty nail polish to dress your toes. My new international friends from England, the Toxicfree Boutique team, recently put me on to the latest color trends that are also eco-friendly! Toxicfree Boutique makes water based nail polishes & removers that are FREE from the BIG 3 (harmful chemicals) - toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. My toes & finger nails are wiggling with joy already!

We spend so much time trying to protect our skin, but I think we forget that nails are an extension of our skin. Nails are just as important to protect from harsh chemicals as our epidermis. Traditionally, conventional nail polishes contain harmful chemicals, but Toxicfree Boutique offers us safer, stylish options.

My toes are currently splashed with Toxicfree Boutique’s Indigo Red polish. It’s one of their fabulously bold colors. Tonight, I attended the Save the Eggs Benefit hosted by celebrity lifestyle blogger, Tia Walker, and I can tell you, my purple/pink hued toes stood out among the plain old pink & red toes. Why? Because my color was fresh AND eco-friendly!

Shop Toxicfree Boutique to view their wide variety of colors & see what color suits your personality best!


  1. I have used this nail polish, and I like it. I also read that it won't get thick like the non eco friendly polishes.

  2. You're right...because it's water based, it won't get all goopy. I have so many old - chemical based polishes that are worthless because they've become so thick you can't even paint one nail without getting clumpy air bubbles.

    Thanks for your in put!

  3. Do you have any favorite polish colors or shades that you would recommend? I'm trying to find some funky new colors like Indigo Red. :-)

    I'd love to hear what you think would be cool for this Spring.

  4. i love the 'inca sun' for a really gorgeous girly sunny pink! i can't believe i can finally paint my nails without intoxicating my boyfriend! The polishes really don't have any nasty odour. I love them!