Friday, May 22, 2009

Sustainable Living Conference in Italy

All over the globe people are coming together to discuss how we can live more sustainably.

Here's what a friend told me about what's going on right now in Rome, Italy!

"Starting May 21st, in the spaces of Macro Future in Rome, luxury cultures will meet low cost concepts and mutate towards new, more ethical, sustainable and essential ways of living.

"The Essential Luxury" will showcase a three-day event organized around panel discussions and workshops with world-renown designers, sociologists, artists and architects, but most importantly with the human beings behind those titles.

Three days to reflect on the development of everyday life-styles that can be at the same time luxurious and sustainable, affordable as well as socially responsible.

A moment of confrontation and dialogue to communicate a new way of luxury: different, yet identical in quality, technology, research, creativity, curiosity and expertise. A chance to understand and experience a new culture of luxury which makes us aware of our conscious side, and puts it in charge."

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