Thursday, March 19, 2009

Divine Organic and Pure Fragrances

Just as you rotate your winter sweaters for your spring dresses, you also need to switch your signature fragrance. Leave the heavy, spicy scents behind with the snow and the cold. It’s time to discover the sweetest, most sultry scents your nose will ever sniff this spring!

You can easily walk into any department store and get bombarded by “spritzer girls” dousing you with alcohol and synthetic infused perfumes, but why inhale those nasty chemicals when you can indulge in the healthy and heavenly scents of organic perfumes?

Here are a few of my favorite scents:

If you’re a FLORALS girl, then you must try Red Flower’s Champa organic perfume. Champa, known as the flower of golden light in bloom, is paired with hints of jasmine and rose. This flirty, romantic floral scent is bound to capture the hearts of many men. Priced at only $48, this lasting, uplifting fragrance is relatively light on the purse strings.

If you’re a SULTRY girl, then you must try one of Heaven’s Alchemy concentrated perfume oils. They have an extensive exotic selection to choose from, but my recommendation is the Paris Traveler 10mL set. Paris is known for its passion inducing scenery, so why not feel like you’re part of it and provoke a little passion yourself with this aromatic fragrance. This feminine, sophisticated perfume is composed of Jasmine, Bergamot, Orange, and to top it off, a sexy musk base. When you think of this fragrance, just imagine yourself strolling down the Champs Elysees. Priced at $65, this concentrated perfume oil comes in a bottle with convenient roll-on applicator, plus a miniature perfumer’s funnel so you can fill the second elegant 5mL traveler, with wand applicator.

If you’re a SWEET, but indecisive girl, then try Tsi-La’s Eau de Parfum Collection. It’s a medley of four 4mL fragrances:

Fleur Sauvage - Tantalizing tuberose and seductive jasmine petals are infused with fresh Neroli, Italian Bergamot and rich blond woods. Dangerous pleasures could arise from indulging in this sultry fragrance.

Kesu - Notes of warm amber and precious rare woods are combined with the lingering aroma of smoky incense to create a mysterious and provocative blend. These elegant notes are layered with narcotic Jasmine petals, Davana, exotic spices and fresh lime to create a unisex fragrance steeped in sensuality.

Ilang Ilang - The enchanting and seductive scent of these tree blossoms arouses your primal desires. The creamy, floral scent is saturated with sugared citrus fruits and lush vanilla orchids to create pure flirtation.

Kizes - The sun kissed citrus notes of Sicilian Bergamot and citron mingle with juicy clusters of Elderflower blossoms and a sensual infusion of voluptuous Tuberose, Jasmine petals and the delicate orange flower to create pure pleasure. This fresh and playful blend of candied citrus is layered with luscious, creamy flowers to create a delicious unisex fragrance drenched in summer.

This mini collection is priced at $95, and is perfect for any chameleon who likes to change her scent with her surroundings.

Also, Tsi-La infuses their oils with botanical extracts of pink orchid flowers. If you don’t know, orchids have some well known benefits: They fight free radicals, increasing skin immunity and are rich in minerals, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper, enhancing your skin’s own natural mineral content.

Don't wait another minute to Indulge yourself in these delectable organic scents.


  1. I ahve used Red Flowers Champa. It has a very pleasant smell. My man really likes it. MMMM

  2. I'm ready to get rid of my perfume, Lovely. I'll give one of these a try. I'm tired of the ads about perfumes that a movie star has supposedly created. The new scents you wrote about sound like some I'd like to try. Thank you.