Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Living Around the House can be Eco Fabulous

Living green doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!

There are a number of simple things you can do around the house to keep you SAVING ENERGY, MONEY, and the PLANET.

Here are a few easy steps to make your life a little greener. Knowledge is a beautiful thing...

1. Dishwasher: IF you’re lucky enough to even have a dishwasher (unlike me in my tiny NYC apartment), make sure it's full and properly loaded before running a cycle, air dry the dishes instead of using the dry cycle, DO NOT rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher – you’re just wasting hot water.

2. Laundry: Wash your clothes in cold water and load a full cycle. Dryer: Make sure your lint trap is clean before drying a load or better yet… air dry your clothes on a clothes rack or hang them outside on a clothes line if the weather permits.

4. Cleaning: Use old rags (like those socks in the drawer with holes) for cleaning to eliminate waste and paper towels. Use the 80/20 rule – choose reusable clothes 80% of the time

5. Cleaning products: Try to buy organic or environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. (Tip: If you can recognize the ingredient, that's a good start). Remember that box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in your fridge? It can be used for more than just soaking up the stinky food smells you’ve got. It’s also an effective, natural and gentle cleanser with no harsh chemicals. Click here for a list of some DIY household cleansers & how to make them.

6. Mail/ Junk mail: Convert to paperless billing whenever possible (for credit cards, utilities, and phone/cell) – Reduce your junk mail, such as the unwarranted catalogs you keep getting, by going to "" and cancelling mailings. It’s FREE!

7. Showering: Limit your shower time to 10 minutes or less! Don’t just stand under the hot running water because it feels good.

8. Teeth Brushing: Turn off the sink water while you’re brushing your teeth. Is it really necessary to hear the water running while you scrub your pearly whites clean?

8. Electricity: Switch your incandescent light bulbs to the new Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Instead of keeping the lights on during the daytime, take advantage of natural light and open up your curtains and blinds. Don’t let the voltage vampire suck the juice from your electronics either - unplug your electronic hard wares such as your toaster, cell phone charger, blow dryer, and spare bedroom lamps when they’re not in use, especially for 3hrs.


  1. I have already started to be eco friendly with household cleaning products. Vinegar is great to clean windows. I also like to use shampoo to clean my bathtub. It really shines.

  2. Everyone should unplug the cell phone charger. Come on, let's think about how wasteful we are.