Sunday, March 8, 2009

Perfecting Your Tan in an Eco-Bikini + Your Chance to Win One Free

Written from the sands of San Diego…

Thinking about heading to the beach or pool side to work on your tan? Well then you better think twice about wearing that faded, stretched out bikini you bought 2 seasons ago. Instead, earn your golden glow this year more consciously and with style. Wear a sexy eco–friendly bikini by Nikster.

Known as, “the sexier side of green,” Nikster’s bikinis have the entire package: style, sexiness, substance, and sustainability!

What makes Nikster’s flirty & exotic eco-bikinis environmentally friendly & socially conscious?
1) They’re made from sustainable soy, organic cotton, bamboo, and other natural fibers.
2) They’ve reduced their carbon footprint by manufacturing their suits here in the US.
3) Recycled materials are used whenever possible such as surplus materials from a factory that made Olympic speed skater outfits!
4) 5% of gross sales are donated to globally responsible charities and organizations which focus on:
  • Promoting a sustainable planet
  • Improving third world life
  • Helping protect endangered sea turtles
  • Planting trees in local communities
  • Coastal beach clean-ups
Plus, any accessories you find on Nikster’s eco-bikinis are made from natural materials found around the world such as shells, pearls, stones, bamboo, and coconuts!

How can you make a difference while splish splashing & having fun in the sun?!

Easy, get your fine, bootylicious curves into one of Nikster’s eco-bikinis. Here are a few of my favorite itcy, bitcy eco-bikini picks!

This 2 piece bikini (which can be sold in separates) features a strapless top and Brazilian cut bottom; thus maximizing your skin’s surface area to tan, and minimizing your tan lines. Fabrics: soy, organic cotton, and spandex.


This 2 piece bikini features a triangle top with Brazilian cut bottom string tie sides (I know what you’re thinking boys, but sorry we’re smart enough to double knot the strings!). Fabrics: soy, organic cotton, and 5% spandex.


The Eco-beauty bikini is a hot item because of its unique style. This bamboo (+5% spandex) bikini comes with 3 pieces including a top that can be tied multiple ways.

Learn how to WIN a FREE ECO-BIKINI!

Currently Nikster is making financial contributions to:

But, if you know of a responsible organization which can benefit from Nikster’s donations, please click here to send them the organization’s link along with a summary of why you think they would be a great candidate. If Nikster chooses your recommendation, you‘ll win a free eco-bikini! How great is that?! Good luck!


  1. Love this post!! We need to pick up some of these hot eco bikinis for LA!!!

  2. I agree!! I want to get my booty in one of these. Being able to wear one of these hot pieces would certainly motivate me to stay in the gym and maybe do a crunch or two.

  3. The sexy ladies of Nikster’s eco-friendly swimwear – the original environmentally conscious bikini line, will be hitting the catwalk once again at the highly anticipated Sexier Side of Green® End of Summer Fashion Event on September 19th at the chic Sé Hotel's Siren Pool located in Downtown San Diego.

    This event is focused on creating environmental awareness, as well as, social responsibility within a green lifestyle by bringing together professionals within the environmental community. The first of it's kind from green bikinis to green drinks as some highlights for the evening.

    Inspired by nature and healthy living, Nikster® earns the label “eco-friendly” through the use of sustainable fabrics including organic cotton, soy, and bamboo. Also, Nikster’s collection is accessorized with semi-precious stones, coconuts, recycled surfboard resins, and other natural elements from around the world.

    “We’re making a difference, one bikini at a time,” said Nikki Sayavanh, San Diego native and CEO of Nikster’s, who further asserted, “In order to preserve our planet, it’s imperative to give back.” Giving back, according to Nikki, includes donating 5% of gross sales to various globally responsible charities and non-profit organizations including Nikster is also a member of the San Diego Green Alliance, a subsidiary of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

    Recently, Nikster’s beachwear was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green, Miss England Going Green, Bikini Week San Diego and the Polo International Club Finals.

    If you would like to check out Nikster’s line or get involved by becoming a sponsor, please visit the Facebook Profile at or email us at

    Further information about Nikster, “The Sexier Side of Green” can be found at