Thursday, March 5, 2009

Embracing Earth Day with Sustainable Jewelry

Do you know what’s happening on April 22, 2009? It’s Earth Day! Earth Day is a time for us to unite around new actions and celebrate the environmental gains we’ve made thus far. It’s about showing our love for the Earth and wanting to protect our planet. And what better way is there for a green queen to show her support than with jewelry?! Express your Earthly love during Earth Day’s 39th anniversary by wearing the beautiful Embrace Pendant.

Created by top jewelry designer Jennifer Dawes for C5 company, the Embrace Pendant is the perfect combination of fine craftsmanship and sustainability. Hand-made from recycled 14 Karat yellow gold, this necklace features a ¾ inch charm that reads “embrace” on one side and has the outline of the Earth on the other. Also, the split ring from which the charm hangs holds a 1 carat, bezel set Zultanite stone.

Have you ever heard of Zultanite? I hadn’t until I came across C5’s Embrace Pendant. Zultanite is a natural, tri-color gem that transforms in various lighting from shades of pale green to champagne brown to deep pink. This rare color-changing gem is exclusively mined in Turkey, and has a light dispersion greater than that of a diamond! It’s absolutely breathtaking to see the sparkle and so uncommon here in the U.S. that C5 is just one of 40 U.S. retailers to carry it. Zultanite is one of the most socially and environmentally responsibly mined gems in the world; therefore putting it on the list of conflict free gems.

So let’s get down to brass tacks...or gold clasps in this case. For years we’ve been hearing horror stories about conflict gems. Remember Leonard DiCaprio’s movie Blood Diamond or Kanye West’s song Sierra Leone? C5 is on the same mission as these super stars - to raise awareness about sustainable luxury jewelry and the importance of ethical business practices in the jewelry industry.

Here’s where things get even better... Typically the Zultanite gem alone retails for a whopping $600, but the limited edition Embrace Pendant is available for only $495! I can’t believe C5 is offering this gorgeous handmade necklace, made from the finest recycled gold and precious gem, for less than the gem itself costs! That’s unbelievable. But that’s not it… C5 also offers a recycled sterling silver version of the Embrace Pendant without the gem for just $80. This is the perfect option for anyone watching their purse strings or if they’re a silver lover like me. Click here now to learn more about C5 and visit their online boutique today to order your Embrace Pendant before Earth Day.

Signing off from the beautiful sunshine state of California. :-)

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