Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Are you a creative writer?
Do you have a passion for eco-fashion?


I’m looking to create a team of eco-conscious style fans who want to help spread the word about the hottest eco-friendly fashions & products they can find. Sexy Sustainable Style is growing fast and I want to keep the momentum going. There are tons of great eco-conscious designers and companies around and I need your help to shine a spotlight on them with your “sexy posts.” I’m looking for fresh topics and articles about all sorts of eco-style categories including apparel, bath & beauty, home décor, even food/beverage! Sexiness is all about perception & knowledge is the sexiest thing of all.

Help me keep the GREEN MOVEMENT growing. Make the world a little greener one sexy step at a time.

It’s easy & simple! If you’re interested in becoming a Sexy Sustainable Style blogger just do the following...

Please email me

1.Your name & a short bio (it can be your pen name)
2.Three examples of how you live a greener life or your motivation for wanting to spread the word about eco-fashion
3.One writing sample (it can be anything – a school essay, another blog post on an unrelated topic, a poem, etc.)

to mlabrutto@gmail.com – put in the subject line –> Fashion Blogger.

Still thinking about becoming a guest blogger or a regular face of Sexy Sustainable Style? Feel free to email me any questions you may have. In a nut shell – I’m looking for relatively short posts (250-400 words) that are informative, fun, flirty, and easy to read.

I can't wait to hear from you!


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