Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Jet Setter's Guide to Healthy Snacking

The Sexy Sustainable Jet

Are you a “jet setter” always in a rush to catch your next plane, train, or automobile?! If so, then it’s likely you already know how difficult it can be to keep your sexy figure while on the run all the time. Your schedule is packed from morning to night with meetings and events, and it’s impossible to sit down and eat a nutritious meal. Therefore, snacking on the run becomes your only option.

So what do you eat when you’re headed to the airport and your stomach’s growling like a beast? Are you tempted to just run to the corner store and grab candy or a bag of chips? It’s so easy to pick up junk food to satiate your hunger pains. The problem is, the junk food’s energy boost is short lived, and soon you’ll be crashing like the stock market plus you’ll have put on a few extra pounds! YIKES. Think about it; is that Snickers bar really worth it?

It’s important to be conscious of what you eat, especially when you live a jet setter’s life. Leave the processed junk food alone and opt for one of these healthy snack bars instead:

1) PROBAR– Whole Berry Blast ($3.29): This 100% vegan bar is the perfect snack for a long flight because it’s a 4 course meal packed into one small bar! PROBAR’s energy bars are so great that they’ve won the Nutrition Bar of the Year award from Whole Foods Magazine & Health Magazine. Visit for more info.

2) LARABAR – Pistachio ($1.69): This is one of my favorite energy bar brands because I love the nutty, sweet flavor choices they offer such as Cinnamon Roll, Pecan Pie, and Chocolate Coconut. Mmmm don’t they just sound delectable?! The Pistachio bar puts a smile on my face too because it only has 3 ingredients & the sweetness you taste isn’t from refined sugar, it comes from the fruit of dates! Pistachios are an excellent source of protein and potassium. The Vitamin E in this bar also boosts your immune system and alleviates fatique. Visit for more info.

3) Clif Nectar -Lemon, vanilla, cashew ($1.49): Hiking up mountains or biking along the river? Then Clif bars are the answer to your munchies. They’ll never freeze or melt in extreme temps. Visit for more info.

4) Prana Bar – Pear Ginseng ($2.19): The Pear Ginseng bar is bursting with sesame seeds, one of the most calcium-rich foods that exist. Eating this bar will give you 15% of your daily calcium! Visit for more info.

Sexy Sustainable Tips to Satisfy your Hunger:

  • Stay hydrated. Snacking on energy bars is best when you’re hydrated because they’re a condensed food. (Note - This is also very important when you’re flying because the high altitudes dehydrate your body). It’s best to drink water 30 minutes or more before snacking so your system is ready to absorb the nutrients. WATCH OUT - Drinking water while you snack may actually dilute the effectiveness of your digestive juices & drain your energy in an inefficient way.

  • Read the labels carefully. Be aware that even within one brand of energy bar, the different flavored bars may result in a wide range of nutrients, calories, and ingredients that can have varying effects.

  • Watch out for caffeine. Too much caffeine can tax your adrenal glands and put stress on them…The stressors can lead to a numerous symptoms such as fatigue or cravings for salty & sweet foods. Caffeinated ingredients are often found in energy bars. Keep an eye out for ingredients like guarana, green tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, and cacao because these also contact caffeine.

Writing about all these yummy snacks makes me want to eat one!

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  1. Great tips! I always dread the airport selection and love to bring my own, especially for my baby ecodude. I already love Larabar, and am excited to try the other.