Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Shape up Your Sexy Curves with Green Apple Eco-active Wear

Shedding those winter pounds can be tough, especially when you’re trekking to the gym in your frumpy old t-shirt and shorts. How can you feel motivated to run on the treadmill or curl some dumbbells when you’re surrounded by fit girls in their cute gym outfits? It’s discouraging to see yourself in the mirror next to them wearing their matching little getups. Fashion is important, but your health is more important. Maybe it’s time to boot the stretched out, oversized tees and invest in some great eco-active wear by Green Apple (! This eco-collection is bound to help you get your heart rate up.

Green Apple is a leader in eco-active apparel, and the first certified organic bamboo and cotton active apparel line.

How’d this eco-active revolution start?

Through athletic apparel designer Cristofer Smith’s desire to provide eco-conscious consumers a healthy alternative to unfriendly petroleum based products (a.k.a. our poly & nylon enemies). After spending months in Asia, meeting with bamboo farmers and learning about its natural abilities & properties, Cristofer’s Green Apple was ready to be picked.

Green Apple is committed to creating the coolest designs (literally) with the best fit. If you didn’t know, Bamboo fibers are temperature-regulating which helps keep you cool while you’re in the gym working up a sweat. And talking about sweat… Another great property of bamboo is that it wicks away sweat! So you won’t have to worry about leaving embarrassing sweat marks on the machines. Plus, bamboo blocks odor causing bacteria growth. Therefore, you’ll never smell funky with Green Apple!

Check out the new Green Apple active apparel I’m sportin’ at the gym! It’s made from bamboo mixed with cotton & a tad of spandex. It’s the most viable textile to mimic the technical abilities of petrol-chemical textiles (nylon & poly), without the negative health side-effects or environmental impacts. Just looking at the pink v-neck tank (with a built in sports bra) brightens my day. And black pants are always welcome in my book. They make your legs look more slender! Who’s going to complain about that?! Wearing these incredibly soft, stylish, body hugging pieces has given me the inspiration I need to get in shape.

Get your booty into gear too with Green Apple ( eco-active wear!


  1. Hey, I'm one of those females who wears old tee shirts to the gym. I think I need to clean up my act.

  2. I promise you'll feel great in Green Apple's active wear and by feeling great, you'll have the motivation to work harder in the gym!