Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Recap...Now Get Ready to Celebrate with a Post Day Party

I hope everyone had a great Earth Day! The weather here in the city wasn't as cheery and bright as I'd hoped for, but my day was still full of outdoor activities. I primarily celebrated Earth Day by running around the city like a maniac. First, I rushed off "umbrellaless" in the misty rain to visit the Vegan Queen. She had several new handbags for me to pick up so I could deliver them to a few of the designers @ tomorrow's Vivons Vert charity eco-runway show. THEN, I splish splashed across town on my way to meet up with Allison McGowan, designer of TEICH handbags. Allison was also donating a few of her bags to be used in the show as well! By the end of my meetings, let's just say I looked like a total BAG LADY. Wait, I literally was a bag lady! I was carrying 3 tote bags filled with 8 different handbag designs. If only I had enough arms to wear each of those beautiful bags. I'd be a human octopus, but at least I'd be accessorized in style. Such a pity.

So anyway, after a long eventful day as the "bag lady," I finally made it home and had a chance to catch up on my girl Tia Walker's blog, The Quest For "It." As I was reading through her recent posts, I came across her Earth Day blog & I just had to share the link she found on the Huffington Post about greening your sex life. HAHAHA Seriously...that's the subject: Earth Day Night: 5 ways to green up your sex life. Sustainability in the bedroom. I love it.


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