Sunday, April 26, 2009

NYC's "Eco Week" Fashion Events Recapped

Project Earth Day's celebrity guest judge Kevin Christiana from Project Runway Season 4

"Eco Week" has sadly come to an end, but just because the media buzz has died down, doesn't mean that eco-awareness is out of mind. I've been approached by a number of enthusiastic people these past few days who have wanted to share their excitement with me about their new found discovery of eco-fashion. It was great to hear people talk about the fresh new eco-designs they recently saw or heard about at events such as Project Earth Day & Vivons Vert’s fashion shows. Here are a few behind the scenes looks from the two shows.

Watching models get ready back stage.

Me with TEICH handbag designer Allison McGowan

Vivons Vert after the show scenes...check out cmarchuska's sexy new party dresses in black & the colorful palate of new eco-fashion designer ELSAandME's line.

Evelina, aka the Vegan Queen, was also in attendance at the show! The models loved her bags.

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