Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting into his Skivvies – Eco-friendly boxers & more

Forget the rough loincloth George of the Jungle used to wear as he swung from tree to tree… Obviously it wasn’t working well for him because he was so preoccupied with keeping his package in place that he kept crashing into trees all the time! Fortunately modern men no longer have to worry about problems like George’s unless they have holey underwear. FYI men – that’s gross and a total turnoff! I’m happy to announce that men have a larger selection of underwear to choose from, and their options keep getting better now that sustainable styles have hit the market!

It’s a fact that skivvies are the base of every outfit. They are the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night. I’ve noticed over the years that men seem to love their underwear so much more than women because it keeps “things” in place, which is important. Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but my guess is that men and women share similar sentiments when they put on sexy, well fitted, comfortable underwear…they feel confident and sexually charged.

Sadly, men’s eco-fashion has been a little behind the curve, but C-IN2’s under apparel designers have hit a homerun with their fashion forward sustainable collection! Every eco-man deserves chic, designed to fit underwear that’ll feel and look great on them. C-IN2 offers a versatile collection of styles such as boxer briefs, punts (a hybrid of a brief & trunk), prints, solids, and sustainable fabrics. The traditional fits, ultra plush wide waistbands, and incredibly soft eco-friendly fabrics are ideal for any man with an active lifestyle. Wear them underneath your workout clothes at the gym or run straight into the bedroom with your woman so she can enjoy them a little more.

I have to warn you though…you’ll be salivating like Pavlov’s dog as soon as you see your man in C-IN2’s sustainable styles. My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head when I caught a glimpse of the C-IN2 model wearing the bamboo black & white trunks. The elliptic boxer brief is also a sexy option, and to my surprise, it’s made from 25% seacell (seaweed) and 75% pima cotton. It’s not often that you hear about seaweed being used in fabrics. Apparently your body can even absorb the vitamins and minerals from the seaweed!

Click here to check out C-IN2’s entire under apparel collection including wild prints, vibrant colors, and tops too!

Men – it’s time to update your underwear drawer and let the women in your lives C-IN2 you!


  1. what about durability? My boxer briefs dont last too long after I run around in em... (no, not from that.. I think).

  2. I think you'll be happy with bamboo's durability. C-IN2's boxers will definitely keep you in place much longer than those other trunks. Plus, you'll be looking hot and sexy at all while helping the environment.

  3. The wild prints are cool!

  4. Gotta try one of these for my hubby ;) Great post Mia!

  5. They are indeed durable. My husband has been wearing his over a year. You can read his review of them here:

  6. I actually have a pair of this brand. They are extremely comfy!