Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OK! Magazine throws an Eco-Fabulous Party this year

I made my way over to the OK! Magazine party last night @ Greenhouse (NYC's hottest eco-friendly club), and let me tell you, the party was more than just okay. It was fantastic! Upon my arrival, I cruised the red carpet with my sexy Vegan Queen red Lolli Pop clutch and posed for a few photos. Check out the one of me below with celebrity fashion stylist Keino Benjamin! I'm on a mission to have him start styling me this summer. He's all about styling for red carpet events...exactly where I want to be.

Once I got inside the OK! party, the night really kicked off. I happily indulged in gossip, fashion, food & drinks! Greenhouse was filled with so many beautiful people including, The Real Housewives of NYC star Bethenney Frankel. If you're not familiar with Bethenney, she's not only a celebrity socialista with a hit reality show, but she's also an amazing natural food chef & author of a new book called Naturally Thin. It's a book that educates readers on how to eat healthier, and curb their "Heavy Habits." I also bumped into Steven Ward at the party. He's the host of VH1's hottest new reality show, Tough Love. Let me tell you girls, he's a cutie... With a background in matchmaking, I'm thinking maybe I should talk to him about finding some sexy sustainable love! :-)

My next adventure after OK!'s party was uptown to the T-Mobile Sidekick party. That's where I ran into the founder of ALEX the Magazine, Alexander Everett. Alex and I were having a conversation and he explained to me that he's a supporter of going green and even incorprates that into his magazine! I'm excited to say that I may team up with him soon on a big eco-friendly event he's hosting.

Overall, my night was eventful, but the rain definitely put a damper on the evening. Thankfully, the Vegan Queen DOESN'T use leather (hence the name vegan) & my beautiful Lolli Pop clutch made it home unscathed.

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