Friday, June 19, 2009

Eco-Fashion Interviews & Photo Shoots

This week I ran around NYC and Jersey (yes, that’s right – I said Jersey), to film footage for my upcoming videoblogs & more!

On Tuesday morning, I took my eco-fabulous self down to AuH2O (Kate Goldwater’s store in the E. Village – 84 E. 7th St.) and shot some footage with CNN! Kate had asked me to participate in a special feature they were doing about her and the new store and of course I couldn’t refuse. I had been planning to interview her on camera, but this time I really got a taste of what it’s like to be mic’d up & filmed by a “super camera.” (I made sure to touch up my makeup before the red light beamed & the HD lens caught a close up of me). We filmed me shopping in Kate’s store while I pulled a little double duty and interviewed her. (Stay tuned for the airing date).

Hanging in Astor Place - Just finished filming with CNN - rockin' my organic cotton dress by Ryann. (FYI -TEICH has this dress in colors!)
The next day I returned to Kate’s store for round 2 of filming, but this time I was capturing footage for my new blog site, Verde Chic, which will be launching in mid-July. (It’s been a long time coming and honestly I can’t wait!) The filming & running around never seemed to stop. After interviewing Kate, I popped into TEICH (next door) and snatched a few of Allison McGowan’s latest handbag designs.

My timing was impeccable. While I was perusing the rack of eco-clothes (FYI - TEICH sells clothing & jewelry in addition to handbags), I received a message that I was scheduled for a photo shoot with photographer Linda Strobert the next night at her studio in West Orange, NJ!

I began to trip a lil. Nobody had even told me about Thursday night's shoot... what was I going to wear?! I had a TEICH handbag as my accessory, but I couldn't just show up naked with a handbag! Maybe PETA would approve, but I highly doubt my parents would. ;-)

I saw Linda's photos of Donnie Klang from Diddy’s Making the Band 4, and I wanted to look as smokin’ as he did so maybe my picture could be framed and placed next to his.

Picking up the cmarchuska dresses @ The Green Room NYC. I love my Globo Bag from - it's a stylish & environmentally friendly way to protect garments.
Thankfully it took just 1 call to The Green Room NYC (where cmarchuska’s clothes are rep’d) and I got my hands on two new dresses. I hustled out to NJ last night for the shoot, and by the end of the day, I think I got some great shots. I can’t wait to share them!


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