Friday, June 5, 2009

Paint Me Pretty, Skip The Car Paint and Fumes

The EcoDiva's post couldn't come at a better time...I'm looking down at my nails right now and the chipped polish is screaming at me to come off and be repainted. Let's read what Elena has to recommend.

Practically growing up in a beauty salon led me to believe that the smells of the salon equaled getting beautiful. Nobody ever told me that those smells I was inhaling had the power to do some serious damage.

Today, we know better and have the options to paint our nails with something other then, well, the equivalent of automobile paint and formaldehyde.

Until I had a baby, there was rarely a day that you would find my nails naked. After years of polishing and buffing, my nails were oh so pretty on the outside, but yellow and brittle underneath. Once I (was forced to) stopped wearing nail-polish, and let my nails go au natural (ok, this was not so much fun for the EcoDiva used to being polished and pressed) my nails actually had a chance to breath and turn back to a color that I did not color.

Now that I have more time to focus on my nails (still not as often as I used to), I don't have to bear to go bare any longer. Today, there are some fabulous nail companies creating colors that coat, last and don't contain that nasty tri-fecta of ingredients we ought to avoid: Dibutyl Pthalate, Formaldehyde and Toulene – This trio can stay in your system and generate internal toxicity.

Here are some great polishes to try :

Not entirely free of chemicals, at least using nail polish alternatives such as Zoya if you must have gorgeous, well-groomed nails, ensures that you’re not absorbing the worst offending ingredients. Not only are they the longest wearing natural nail lacquers, but they come in over 60 luscious, fashion forward colors. (from The one in the picture, Malia, is currently rocking out on my toes!

Honeybee Gardens
Waterbased Nail Enamels - Singles
French Manicure Kit

Odorless Polish Remover

Suncoat Naturals
Waterbased/Solvent Polish Remover


Signing off...EcoDiva
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  1. Great job.. I like how you have presented the information in full detail. Keep up the great work and please stop by my Body Kits site sometime. Keep it up..

  2. Thanks for your feedback! It's because of readers like you that we keep on plugging away and trying to help educate people on how great eco-friendly alternatives can be. I'll definitely be checking out Body Kits.