Sunday, June 21, 2009

Organic with a Twist of Edge

It’s funny how some people think just because I live uptown, that I must dress only like an “uptown girl” (think frilly skirts & sweater sets). In reality, I pride myself on being a fashion chameleon and having the ability to adapt and blend my style to fit my surroundings. With that being said, don’t expect to see me all dolled up in a fancy dress when I’m hangin’ in SoHo or the Lower East Side… Instead, you’re likely to see me in an outfit that’s got some modern edge. Cue Ryann (designed by Raina Blyer) into the picture - one of my favorite NYC based eco-brands known for its precise detailing and timeless looks that capture a “punch of downtown.”

Last night I was tasked with getting ready to meet a friend for dinner & a movie downtown, but the only problem was I didn’t know where we were actually going! Was I venturing to eat at a hole in the wall or one of the city’s most posh restaurants? I had to solve a fashion equation but I was missing some key factors. All I knew was:

I was headed to “downtown destination unknown” and needed a light jacket to battle the chilly air & rain, plus a look that would make me feel over or under dressed at the restaurant.

My wardrobe solution? I paired a hip colorful top with black skinny jeans, slipped my feet into some heels, and reached for "Mick" - my razor sharp, fitted black organic cotton motorcycle style jacket by Ryann. I love the sheen of the "Mick" jacket because it gives the appearance that it’s made from leather (without actually using leather or pleather). Plus, the seams are sewn in a way that cuts the body in all the right places, and the off-centered zipper and wide collar & lapels add extra style to this fashion forward must.

The question now is, did I solve the equation properly?! I think so… we ended up at Cafetasia for a tasty Thai fusion dinner & went to see a foreign flick @ Sunshine Cinema on Houston before heading over to Alphabet city for a nightcap at one of the local bars. My sexy biker eco-chic style fit the neighborhood perfectly.


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