Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Play Tickets to see Anne Hathaway Perform!

Ok…so I realize the weather hasn’t really been cooperating lately, but there are bound to be some hot days in the mix, and when there are, I’ve got a FUN & FREE activity for you to do rather than sitting cooped up with the A/C on!

Did you know that indoor central air produces 4.8 pounds of CO2 per hour?! Not only is the A/C killing our environment, but I bet it's also killing your bank account. My suggestion is you and a comrade (your roommate, a date, your best friend) step out into the fresh, breezy nighttime air and see a hilarious Shakespeare play in Central Park. Romance is in the air! :-)

From now until July 12th, turn your A/C (and the boob tube) off and head over to the park to catch an open-air theater production of the Twelfth Night staring Anne Hathaway (the Devil Wears Prada fashionista). The play is a comedy about a girl dressing up as a boy who falls in love with a guy.

Tickets are limited and you can only get them at Central Park’s outdoor Delacorte Theater the day-of (max. 2 per person). Here’s the info:

Twelfth Night at Shakespeare in the Park; Tuesdays-Sundays, 8 pm through Jul. 12; The Delacorte Theater, 81 Central Park W. Tickets issued day of show, starting at 1 pm.

And get this…if 10,000 New Yorkers were to turn off their A/C (and TV) and head out to the play (or just out of the house), it'll have the same CO2-reducing effect as planting 43 trees! That’s a green thought I like.



  1. Thanks for the heads up! I'd love to see a play there. I saw romeo and juliet a while back and the theatre is quite enchanting.

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  3. Yea, I'm super excited to see an outdoor play. I love being outdoors, especially in Central Park. I hope you and everyone else is able to get a ticket to the show!