Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I love my mom, but truth is I’m daddy’s little girl. :-)

I’m always telling everyone how cool my dad is…He’s incredibly artistic, very intelligent, super fun & very loving. My “pops on the rocks” as I’ve nicknamed him, is a well rounded guy. With that in mind, I know there are so many directions I can go with my gift options. It's actually hard to just choose one!

Here are some great eco-gifts you might want to consider this Father’s Day (Sunday, June 21st). I came across them while I was reading an electronic (paperless - think saving trees) newsletter from Kiwi Magazine:

Athletic Dad - Give your golf-club swinging dad a new way to "hit the green" with 100% recycled Dixon Earth Golf Balls ($30). These new golf balls conform to USGA standards, and deliver the same distance and spin as traditional ones. The packaging and balls are made from 100% recycled materials. They’re the perfect gift for an eco-savvy Dad.

On the Run Dad – My father doesn’t have a cell phone (strange I know), but in this day & age, almost everyone’s dad has a smart phone or some other techy gadget (i.e. BlackBerry, iPod, or GPS). For a dad who’s always on the go running from meeting to meeting, why not buy him the Solio Hybrid 1000 Solio Charger ($80)? He can use this solar charger anywhere—just one hour in the sun will give him about 15 minutes talk time or 40 minutes of MP3 music.

Green Thumb Dad – Does your dad love to fiddle around in the yard and garden? Surprise him with Gardener’s Supply Company's Organic Tomato Success Kit ($70), which has everything he needs to grow his own organic crop. What sets this system apart from others is its self-watering capabilities—less work for Dad!

Show your father how much you love and appreciate him by giving him an eco-gift this year.




  1. Great ideas, ML - with the US Open teeing off today and golf on the minds of lots of dads, those golf balls will be a hit.

    For a total splurge ($00s to $000s depending on how wild one goes), here's an eco idea that will appeal to two categories of dads: the tech/gadget fan and the handyman. There are now centralized home automation controls that can handle not only your home theater but also lights, motorized shades/curtains, and air conditioning/heating, allowing the user to optimize energy consumption. Less energy = less carbon = lower energy bill.

    An example that focuses on lights and curtains is made by Lutron:

    Or Control4 is another (of several on the market) options:

    Happy Father's Day,

  2. Thanks for your great eco ideas!! I know men will love these gifts ideas.

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