Monday, June 29, 2009

“Face in a Case” Mineral Makeup

Me & celebrity lifestyle blogger Micah Jesse @ Steve Nash's Party

I am without a doubt, a girl on the go. Ask anyone who calls or messages me, and they’ll tell you that I’m always making a mad dash from one place to another. My days start early and usually end late (sometimes even into the wee hours of the next morning). Life in the city can be unpredictable too. You never know where you might go or who you might bump into – After I left the cmarchuska trunk show @ The Green Room NYC last Wednesday, I ran into Fat Joe @ Milk Gallery and Steve Nash @ his party being held at Hudson Terrace. (It was an unexpectedly busy day – I even lost a shoe that night!) But the one thing I never worried about was how my face looked. Thanks to my Dieci Colori “Face in a Case” mineral makeup kit, I kept my face looking fresh and colorful.

Dieci Colori cosmetics make life easier for busy women like me, who are looking for a convenient and natural way to enhance their beauty. Marie Gaglioti, president of Dieci Cosmetics has designed an innovative cosmetics line (among others beauty & wellness product lines) that is simple, chic, and healthy for your skin.

Dieci Colori uses micronized minerals to protect and gently correct skin tones. The minerals have powerful light reflective properties that hide imperfections and reveal your skin’s natural radiance.

My make-up case comes complete with:
• Multi-colored Mineral Powder
• Mineral Matte Blush
• 3 Mineral Matte Eyeshadows
• Mineral Shadow
• Large Shadow Eyeliner
• Shadow Applicator/Blender Brush
• Lip Liner
• Lip Stick

This line offers an array of wearable, hypoallergenic formulas and classic shades. There is also a vast assortment of lipsticks, shadows, and eye and lip pencils featuring the latest colors. Plus, you’re not just limited to that… blend different shadow shades and blushes together to create your own unique colors!

Check out all of your color options and products at Dieci Colori.


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  1. Haven't heard of Dieci Colori before! Will have to try it out. Thanks =)