Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Pigeon & Me – A fight for my bag

Forget The Taking of Pelhem 123 (which by the way is a great movie to see, especially if you’re a New Yorker), let’s talk about Pigeon 234: The taking of my hall!

I grabbed my new Cork Design handbag and was rushing down the stairs yesterday; when suddenly I froze dead in my tracks. I had just come face to face with a pigeon hanging in my stairwell. I was terrified. What if I scare him and he tries to peck my eyes out?! I didn’t know if he’d be like Hitchcock’s crazed flock.

I shrieked like a little girl and tried to shoo him away with my cork button sling bag, but what I really needed was a sling shot. My swinging bag didn’t seem to threaten him at all. In fact, I swear I could see a twinkle in his eye as the bag swung near his head. He was eyeballing my bag as if he wanted to get his talons on it. Then it became apparent to me. He was obviously looking for a tree to perch on, and my bag was the closest thing to it.

It didn’t matter how badly he wanted to perch himself on my bag’s shoulder strap. I’m not a pirate and he certainly wasn’t my parrot.

There’s a history behind the birth of my bag and no way was I giving it up! My feather lite bag was handmade in Portugal before making its way to NYC. It came from a cork tree that took 20-25 years to mature before its bark could first be harvested. Then, it had to wait another 9 years before it could be removed again & it only gets harvested 3 times in its life (before damage occurs to the tree).

My organic bag went through a long process to get here and it’s precious to me. Come fire or water – I know we’ll make it out together because it’s resistant to both! Plus, if I ever get it dirty, all I need to clean it with is a little soap and water.

Check out the variety of styles and cork patterns you can get YOUR next bag in. My button sling bag has the tiger pattern. The envelope bag is another one of my design favorites.



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