Friday, June 26, 2009

Organic Baby on Board?!

This little sailor is growing big & strong because he eats organic!
I think not. Or at least not until I find a good man & get married (something that might take me a lifetime to do. LOL) :-) Anyway, organic baby food may be an odd topic for me to write about since I don’t have children, but it’s still makes sense to me considering my best friend just had her 2nd child. It’s important that “Auntie Mia” knows what to feed the little bambinos when I go and babysit.

Here are some facts that Ideal Bite taught me about why it’s better to switch to ORGANIC – Trust me…Mother Nature & your baby will reap the benefits.

• A Tasty way to Health - Organic versions don't contain the fat, fillers, salt, and sugar you normally find in “regular” baby foods. And since those little munchkins like to eat non-stop (so they can grown strong & healthy), the toxins in conventionally grown foods (sprayed with nasty pesticides) will potentially cause them harm.

• Mounds of topsoil - Organic farming can produce 6 inches of healthy topsoil in as little as 50 years (it takes nature about 3,000 years to produce the same amount of topsoil).

• Do it Yourself & Save - Preparing your own baby food can save you major bucks. Something we all want to do during economic times like these.

Some Premade Options

Jack's Harvest - organic purees in heart-shaped "cubes"; first stage includes yummy Papplesauce (peach, apple, and cinnamon). You can also try Tasty Baby or Gerber Organics

Happybellies Dry Cereals - organic, mixed-grain cereals with probiotics; perfect for your baby's first venture with solid foods ($24/six 7-ounce canisters).

Earth's Best Baby Food - organic jarred options tailored to your baby’s different developmental stages. ($5/six 2.5-ounce jars).

DIY Options

Wholesome Baby Food - an online hub for baby food recipes and info.

“Auntie” Mia

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  1. This response really impressed me and made me feel much more confident about purchasing HappyBaby products in the future. They acted quickly, and responded thoroughly and honestly to the issue. They truly seem committed to their mission of supplying customers with the highest quality ingredients...and customer service! I will for sure be buying more HappyBaby products in the future.