Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Hipster's Gold Rush Uptown

Designer Kate Goldwater & me

I’m getting back into the groove of things and as Mickey D’s says, “I’m lovin’ it!”

Tonight was a special night…it was a night filled with a bunch of firsts for me. It was the first time I wore my adorable Andy Top by Ryann (I'd been dying for an occasion to wear this tank), the first time I’ve ever been able to stroll out of my apartment and walk 20 feet to an event (an eco-fashion event at that!), and the first time I got to meet Kate Goldwater (eco-designer & owner of AuH20 boutique) in person!

I feel like a lucky girl – I hit the jackpot tonight.

When I found out that Kate was hosting an eco-fashion show on the Upper East Side (sooooo far uptown in the midst of all the 2nd Ave. construction – smack dab where my lucky-ol tush lives), I knew I had NO excuse for not being there. Besides, it’s eco-fashion, my eyes were burning for a peek.

Kate threw the event to celebrate the opening of her new boutique in the East Village, but I was so happy that she brought the eco-fashion love to my hood. The music was funky just like Kate’s fun and sexy designs. I was thrilled to see that her clothes are designed for women with REAL bodies – curves - or as Fergie says, “lovely lady lumps.” I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that Goldwater’s hand-sewn clothes don’t cost a fortune even though her last name might imply otherwise.

My guess is her core audience is college students looking for some hip original pieces (which are everything in Kate’s collection) with some LES/E. Village flare, but this uptown girl definitely wouldn’t mind rockin’ a few AuH20 styles. I think I’ll be paying a visit to Kate’s new boutique mighty soon. Plus, my girl Allison next door at Teich told me the other day that she’s got some fantastic pieces of recycled jewelry – perfect for any girl with any style. Basically I’m guaranteed to find something in this store that I like…and if for some crazy reason I can’t, I can always bring in some old clothes I don’t wear anymore and ask her to sew me up something new! I’ve heard this girl is a sewing wizard. ;-)

I had so much fun tonight and all the people I met were great! I can't wait for another event like this one.



  1. Maria- you are too nice! So glad you had fun at the show, and yes, you can definitely find something cute and inexpensive at the shop! I'll give you and anyone who mentions this post a 10% discount. Thanks!

  2. Where is Kate's boutique located?