Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tranquil Natural Bath & Body Products for my Recovery

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been under the radar lately… I’ve been laying low since last Thursday trying to recover from having my 4 impacted wisdom teeth yanked out. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but the pain has been excruciating. The meds I’m on have done diddly squat and my face is still unrecognizable whenever I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. Fortunately, I’ve been able to take refuge at my parents’ house in PA and rest. So I left the glitz & glamour of the big city behind and packed very little for this trip knowing that I wouldn’t be getting out much. I did however pack a few travel bag essentials that I’m so grateful to have at a time like this…

What were those goodies in my bag?

Paula Van Dyck’s handmade Bath and Body Naturals products! As she does for all of her customers, Paula personally made me two of her natural body mist sprays (Tranquility & Sensual) and her Aloe and E body wash gel (Synergy Citrus).

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy using these products. Whenever I feel flustered or discomfort, I close my eyes, spritz my face with Tranquility, and breathe in deeply. I concentrate on finding inner balance and peace as I smell the light aroma of lavender, ylang ylang & chamomile essential oils. Although the mist’s scent lasts briefly (no toxic chemicals are used), I find that 2-3 sprays are just enough to get me refocused and calm again.

In addition to my sprays, I couldn’t leave home without my bottle of Synergy Citrus body wash. A little drop of this refreshing glycerin based gel goes a long way and definitely lifts up my spirits. My face may feel like it just got punched by Mike Tyson, but at least my body smells great & feels silky smooth and moisturized thanks to the Aloe & Vitamin E ingredients. Lather up with a loofa to wash away dead skin cells or use it as a shave gel… I promise Synergy Citrus body wash will always cheer you up & keep you feeling clean.

Bath and Body Naturals’ products are AFFORDABLE and ALL NATURAL which means no synthetic detergents, animal ingredients, or preservatives are used. Paula only uses 100 % pure essential oils, high quality fragrance oils & natural colors.

Here’s what Paula has to say in her own words: “I have never had one customer complaint in all the years I have been in business. My number one priority is customer satisfaction. If it isn't right, it gets made right. Another successful move I have made over the years is to listen to customer inquiries. When people e-mail me and ask for something special or custom, I usually can accommodate their needs. I have found a real niche in supplying customers with unscented products. It's amazing how many people have allergies, don't like scents, or have post medical needs from having chemo and radiation, for example.”

Visit Bath and Body Naturals today. I love their products and I think you will too.



P.S. - I'll take any suggestions on how to make the pain and swelling in my mouth go away!


  1. lots of warm salt water. every hour.
    i had mine extracted a year ago. thats the only thing that really helps.

  2. thanks so much for your input. i think i'm guilty of not rinsing enough with warm salt water. i was told to rinse 5-6 times a day and i've probably only done it on average 2-3 times per day. :-/ i'm going to start rinsing more and i'm heading back to the dr. today to make sure i don't have dry socket.


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