Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vitamins Shmitamins…Here’s my honest opinion

You’ve probably heard of Vitamin Shampoo or seen one of their many commercials on TV. Well I recently had the opportunity to try their Acai Berry & Guava shampoo and I’ll tell you, I wasn’t impressed. I’ll rate the product an A for smell – the exotic fruity berry did smell deliciously awesome, but I was truly disappointed when I applied the shampoo to my head. Vitamin Shampoo is paraben free and sulfate free which has important health benefits, but I felt like I had to squirt practically half the bottle to my head in order to get enough lather to wash my scalp and coat the hair to its ends. My hair is barely shoulder length, so why should I need to use a half dollar amount?! It may be infused with vitamins and antioxidants, but if you keep using this product the way I had to, you’ll soon find yourself with an empty bottle and running to the store for more. Why create more waste and spend more money buying another bottle, when you can just buy a shampoo that gives you great results for less?!

My girl Sarah discovered a new hair care line that works wonders for her hair…stay tuned tomorrow (5/10) to see what she’s recommending for her entire family. You’ll also have the chance to WIN a FREE sample for yourself!!


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  1. I also like the smell of Vitamin shampoo. You're right. It does require a large amoun in order to get suds, but that's the way it is with eco friendly shampoos.